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  During a game, you can use your mouse (or track-pad or touchscreen) or your voice or your keyboard, interchangeably, to record game action information. The Main Court displays the keyboard shortcuts available for many...
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Start the new season right with doHOOPS.
    doHOOPS makes keeping detailed, comprehensive stats easy. It also makes taking care of your stats easy -- make it a habit to back up your doHOOPS database after every game. It just takes a few seconds!

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Use your laptop or desktop PC at courtside to capture stats and shot locations during your games as each action happens. You can point and click, drag and drop, use the keyboard, use a touch-screen. Or speak! doHOOPS lets you use voice recognition, your mouse, and your keyboard interchangeably to record actions.

Get up-to-the-second stats for use at half-time. Correct stats easily. And after the game, get your stats where you need them to go with doHOOPS's help -- doHOOPS is now an Official MaxPreps Stat Partner, and will create stats import files for your games with just a couple of button clicks, to help you get your game stats onto MaxPreps quickly, easily, and accurately.

Export your game stats to MaxPreps! Just download doUPLOAD (it's free).


doHOOPS reports on over 50 stats, in 20 different types of highly customizable reports ranging from newspaper box score format to at-a-glance team comparisons for a game to shot locations to stats leaders to scoring patterns.

Every doHOOPS report can now be quickly saved as an HTML page, for easy emailing or uploading to the web. (You can also customize various features of how your HTML reports will look, including adding your own team's graphic, for reports you want to upload to your team's website.)

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